4PCS Levit Refills 0.7 - 4 Various


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High-quality Swiss refills with superior performance to render your workflow flawless.
Full line, no skips, rich color. It just smoothly slides on the paper.

The package contains all colors. (0.7 blue, 0.7 black, 0.7 red, 0.7 green)

Quality tested according to international standards ISO 27668-1.

Refill durability is 800m; with both refills the pen lasts 1,600m (the standard pen lasts the average of 1,000m)

Thickness: 0.7mm

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Levit BLCK

249.00 $

Levit SLVR

249.00 $

Levit Pen - BLCK

139.00 $

Levit Pen - SLVR

139.00 $

Levit GOLD - Limited Edition

899.00 $