Levit BLCK


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Multifunctional Designer Pen + Case

The black Levit Pen is crafted from high quality aluminum with a matt finish. It features a durable stylus and 6pcs of premium Swiss refills with an extraordinary durability for those who do not settle for less.

The packaging also contains a polishing cloth, an elegant case and the Levit Stabilizer. The inner part of the case is treated by the Soft Touch surface coating. The Lid of the case is made of polished aluminum with a durable dark-pigmented protective coating. This creates the elegant dark glass surface.

Pen Dimensions: Length: 146mm, Pen diameter: 11mm
Case dimensions: 174x54x22 mm

Weight of pen with refills: 36g

Product weight (Levit Pen + Case): 240g
Refills included: 1x 0.5mm - blue, 5x 0.7mm - blue, black, 2x red, green

Quality tested according to international standards ISO 27668-1,

Refill durability is 800m; the pen with both refills lasts 1,600m (the standard pen lasts the average of 1,000m)

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4PCS Levit Refills 0.7 Blue

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4PCS Levit Refills 0.7 - 4 Various

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4PCS Levit Refills 0.5 Blue

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